Everyone can invest profitably

Automate your investment

Improve your trading and increase your chances of success

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Zapant - Automated TradingComputer

Optimise your investment

Why use Zapant

Take the guesswork out of investing

Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of manual trading

Let automated trading bots do the heavy lifting

Remove emotions from trading and consistently adhere to a strategy.

Use advanced trading strategies that are typically only accessible to experienced traders

Zapant - Automated Trading

Start an investing bot in under 2 minutes

Discover our trading bots

Choose from a diverse range of stocks and cryptocurrency bots

Start trading automatically with any amount of money in just a few clicks

Seamlessly connect to stock or cryptocurrency brokers for real-time execution

All our public bots follow strict risk management protocols to safeguard your funds

Zapant - Automated Trading

Create your own trading bot

Bring your ideas to life

Create your own trading bot in minutes

Use our specialized trading language to create a trading bot

Get access to real-time market data for accurate backtesting

Connect with a community of traders to share ideas, strategies, and experiences

Write your bot in any programming language (such as Pine Script) and connect it using a webhook

Zapant - Automated Trading
Automated Trading Platform

Take the guesswork out of investing, sign up for a Zapant account.


Improve your trading and increase your chances of success.

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