Automated Trading

Automate your trading

Improve your trading and increase your chances of success

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Zapant - Automated TradingComputer

Implement your own automations

Powerful Visul Editor

  • Customize your automate trading system to your specific goals and risk
  • Build complex logic by combining our continuously increasing collection of functional blocks
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Save it as a template so you can clone it in multiple variations
Zapant - Automated Trading

Start an automated strategy in 1 minute

Trading Systems Library

  • Continually expanding library of automated trading systems for investors and traders
  • Clone and start your own automation in minutes
  • Direct integrations with multiple brokers
Zapant - Automated Trading

Decisions based on logic and historical data

System Backtesting

  • Real-time access to historical market data
  • Backtest your systems on the fly.
  • Select various inputs and validate your trading system
Zapant - Automated Trading

Automated Trading Platform

Ready to elevate your trading game? Sign up for a ZapAnt account, the best automated trading platform on the market.

Improve your trading and increase your chances of success.

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