Jul 15, 2023



Platform update 1.0.22

Bots Enhancements:

  • Balancer Risk Management: Now equipped with an EMA50 Stop Loss for better risk management.
  • New Coin Addition in Balancer: The Balancer bot on cypto markets now supports ICP/USD on crypto markets, expanding your trading options.
  • OnePair Update: Symbols updated to DOT/LINK, offering better correlation and increased success rates.
  • New Release: Introducing “AI BalancerT”, a USDT-based Balancer bot trading AI-related coins (currently available exclusively on Binance).

New Features:

  • Enhanced Security: We’ve added Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via email code to our login system, for better account security.

Bug Fixes:

  • Investor Interface: Color issue on the “Add Automation” button resolved.
  • Broker Integration: Fixed pending orders with Alpaca.
  • General Improvements: Various minor bugs and issues throughout the app have been addressed for smoother operation.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with these new features in our ⁠feedback channel.

Happy Trading!


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